I practiced trial and appellate law for almost 30 years representing clients in many high profile cases covered by the national and international press. My cases have been featured on most of the network television prime time and morning news shows, magazines and newspapers all over the world, and have been the subject of two movies. One of my trials was voted the all time viewers' favorite trial on Court TV. As an attorney, I was most passionate about cases which had an impact on the law and my clients' lives. I took one of my young clients from the trial court to the U.S. Supreme Court in eighteen days to protect her privacy rights, obtained what the press labeled a "divorce" from his parents for another of my young clients so that he could be adopted by the foster family he'd come to love, and I was successful in getting another client removed from death row where he never should have been in the first place. These cases and many others that impacted the law and the lives of those I represented form a part of my inspiration to write. In my younger years, I travelled America, hitchhiked thousands of miles, lived in a commune, and became a yogi, a practice I continued throughout my life. I have retired and now work on editing and publishing the six novels I wrote during my legal career. I am a Southern woman who is still most passionate about the protection of human rights. I love history, philosophy, literature, scientific theory, reading, traveling, and college sports.