Justice for the Black Knight

Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Legal Thriller, the prestigious Kirkus Star awarded only to the best fiction, a Silver Medal for Thriller Fiction from the 2016 Global Ebook Awards, along with Honorable Mentions as Best Fiction from the Florida, Great Southeastern and Los Angeles Book Festivals, this novel takes the reader on a journey that examines the impact of racism on the judicial system and offers hope for a future where the scars of the past may be overcome. Described as a true crime mystery, high stakes courtroom drama, and coming of age novel all rolled into one twentieth century law and order fable, this tale brings to life the roller coaster ride that comes when the State seeks to impose the death penalty. As a child, Freddie Edwards dubbed himself the Black Knight and vowed to fight injustice in every form. He tried to live up to his ideals throughout his life, but years later finds himself accused of the brutal murder of a wealthy philanthropist, on trial for his life, and represented by an incompetent attorney. His sister Ruby and childhood friend Annabelle, reunited at his trial, must face the horrors of their shared past to obtain the only evidence that may save Freddie's life.